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Tahoe Tumblers©

Welcome to the world of Tahoe Tumblers©, introduced by MARCO and offered in 19 beautiful colors and silver, black and white. Tahoe Tumblers© are offered in six sizes of 6, 12, 16, 20, 30 and 32 ounce. THEY ARE ALL LASERABLE. The white and silver are sublimatable.

Check out the 9 sample packs offered by MARCO. There are sample packs for all of the sizes and styles, including NEW Flasks, Beverage Holders and Water Bottles.

The Tahoe Tumblers© that include a sliding lid are designed for easy cleaning. Rinse the mug and lid, wipe and counter dry.

Tahoe Tumblers© - A Great Award - A Great Gift!!

Tahoe Tumblers© Product Video

Product Information

Recommended Laser Settings: 60 Watt Laser, Power: 100%, Speed: 30%, DPI: 500 Minimum
Sublimation Recipe: 395°F for 60 Seconds / Light-Med Pressure (3-4 on a Scale of 1-10)